Japanese Rice Getting Cheaper?

In a recent article in, The Japan Times, the author discusses the need for Japanese farmers to produce cheaper rice. With the signing of the new TPP deal, Japan will see an influx of international products flood their domestic markets. This is especially true in their agricultural sections. The Japanese government is teaming up with local farmers to produce cheaper and more cost effective rice, in an effort to be more competitive in overseas markets. In what ways can Japanese farmers produce a cheaper product? Will this approach work? How may this strategy affect the quality of the rice?

Japanese Re-Branding

How the Japanese economy will have to adapt with the new TPP deal in place, is the topic of an article in the Japan Times. With reductions in tariffs, an emphasis on free trade, and more imports set to come into Japan, the country is readying itself to “brand,” certain global commodities as “Japanese.” To compete with other countries similar products, Japan will have to make the consumer think that the Japanese version is the superior choice. How will competition created by increased free trade hurt the Japanese economy? How will it help the economy? Are Japanese products superior enough to maintain higher prices?