Rise of The Cattle

In a recent article on the website, Beef Magazine, the idea of managing cattle through the use of drones is discussed. As the use of UAVs becomes more prevalent in our society, developers of this technology are finding more and more applications for its use. Pete Cunningham, with Ag Eagle and Cunningham Ag Services, envisions the use of drones for cattle management. Through the use of ear tags embedded with sensors, a rancher can monitor the health of all his cattle and receive updates on those that most need his attention. The possible benefits include, a huge reduction in time, curbing sickness among the animals, and being able to do more during adverse weather. How easy will this technology be for cattle ranchers to adopt? Will this have any downsides to managing cattle?

Drones: A Booming Industry

The drone industry train is leaving the station, and no one is waiting for the government to hop on board. In an article in Business Insider, dated May 27th, 2015, it points out current players in the rise of the commercial drone industry, potential markets, and current and proposed legislation to regulate the use of drones. Why are companies not waiting for government regulation in the drone industry? What are the benefits of not waiting for legislation regarding drones? What are some of the risks?

Perfect Marriage of Hardware and Software

In an April article on the website virtualariboss.com service drone announced earlier this year that it would be partnering with SmartC2Inc. in order to release a new software for drones- virtual air boss. This new software will allow for better data management, improved use of commercial drones, and ultimately increased business for the users of the new technology. Service-Drone provides state of the art controls and vehicles, while VirtualAirBoss allows for increased asset scheduling, data management, and reporting. How is VirtualAirBoss different from other drone software? What are some of the benefits of VirtualAirBoss over other commercial drone software? What is the benefit of managing data?

Commercial Drones

According to a website, PR Newswire, drones are the future of manufacturing, surveillance, transportation and a myriad of other daily tasks we take for granted. In the article, “Smart Commercial Drones: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2015-2021”, http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/smart-commercial-drones-market-shares-strategies-and-forecasts-worldwide-2015-2021-300143803.html, drones are described as becoming more reliable, more diverse in their functions, and more affordable. Though drones have a large military presence, these new evolutions in the drone industry have helped to widen their footprint in the commercial sector. How will the use of drones begin to shape our daily lives? How will the way wars are fought change as more countries use deploy armed drones? How will the use of drones in the workforce affect future generations’ educational opportunities?