Trans-Pacific Partnership would benefit Texas jobs, exports, study found

A new study from Business Roundtable found that U.S. trade with 11 other countries involved in the U.S. Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations supported 1.2 million jobs in Texas in 2013. Some of the highlights of the report found that

• 54 percent of Texas goods exported globally went to these countries in 2013;

• Texas exports included $140.9 billion worth of goods and $9.4 billion worth of services to TPP countries that are existing U.S. free trade agreement partners — Australia, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Singapore — in 2013, accounting for roughly 51 percent of the state’s goods exports and roughly 18 percent of its services exports globally.

• The TPP will open new markets for Texas with five countries that are not currently free trade agreement partners — Brunei, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand and Vietnam. Texas exported $7.6 billion in goods and $3.9 billion in services in 2013 to these countries.

Full report can be found here:

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