Trans-Pacific Partnership Is Reached, but Faces Scrutiny in Congress

Now that it’s been finalized, the Obama Administration’s possibly biggest achievement faces an even bigger challenge; Congress (  Congress will have several months to scrutinize all 30 chapters of the TPP document.  In addition to Congress’s test, Obama’s trade agreement will finally face the public.  Thousands of people were already put-off at the negotiations being done in secrecy; therefore, gaining support will be an uphill battle.  During the negotiation phase, the TPP seemed to mainly attract feelings of ambivalence at best.  To further expound on the drama soon to unfold, the TPP finalization will definitely cause a spark in the soon to come presidential debates.  There were some who are completely against it and vice versa, but that may soon change.  Perhaps finalizing the document via “fast track” approval wasn’t the best move for Obama’s team.  From a spectating standpoint, it doesn’t appear the TPP will get passed.  There’s too many provisions that can’t seem to be agreed upon,  and once Congress tries to amend the agreement, things will really make a turn for the worse, but let’s try to remain positive!

Feel free to read the article (in the link above) and decide what the TPP’s fate will be.

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