Singapore Warns US Faces ‘Stark Choice’ Over TPP Fate

While the United States is one of  the world leaders in economic dominance, the TPP deal can have a great impact on its future ( There are a few commodities (e.g., auto industry, agriculture, and technology) that Asian countries along the Pacific Rim have which are vital to our society and vice versa.  Being a part of the countries with such high GDP output is crucial.  The United States needs the TPP as much as it needs the U.S.  Signing the agreement will certainly slow things for China as it has the largest economy in the world and is only growing.  This is a major reason why the document must get approved.  The longer the U.S. waits to sign the agreement, the further behind China it gets.  Even worse, the other countries won’t hesitate to leave the U.S. out of negotiations if it can’t reach a consensus.  The TPP was primarily designed to overthrow China’s dominance in global economics.

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