Manufacturing in America: Making Things Right

Siemens, a recently integrated technology company, launched a thought leadership tour called “Manufacturing in America: Making Things Right” ( to explore “trends shaping America’s next industrial evolution and the challenges that still exist – and get those messages out to a wider audience”. The movement has experienced a considerable amount of success, with 2,000 online users joining Siemens sponsored forum. This forum brought many government and industry leaders together to discuss ways to brighten the manufacturing industry’s future. “Across the globe, and particularly in the U.S., the manufacturing sector is undergoing an evolution where innovation and manufacturing are merging, driving both product and process innovation,” says Helmuth Ludwig, CEO of Siemens Industry Sector, North America. “This is making industry more competitive and taking productivity and efficiency to levels never experienced before.” What else can we as the general public and professional workforce do to spread the word? What are some additional challenges that are being faced?

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