Smart Manufacturing: A Path to Profitable Growth

Brian Kennell, Tetra Pak US, CEO

As Mr. Brian says, this new technology is promising to yield profitability and high efficiency to whoever embraces it. The problem is that 87% of the manufacturing business in the US is not getting into this market. There are several reasons for this situation. The top one: Capital costs. Even though those enterprises that have started incorporating smart manufacturing monitoring systems into their operations have claimed significant benefits over this implementation, it seems to be not enough to convince the majority. Smart manufacturing monitoring systems promise to offer real time adjustments to daily operations which refers to every aspect of the company including the way employees are deployed, and the way they communicate among different departments. The truth is that the more time that passes, the more viable and available this technology becomes for everyone.


One thought on “Smart Manufacturing: A Path to Profitable Growth

  1. Very interesting read! I find it hard to believe that 87% of manufacturing companies have not yet explored smart manufacturing. I can see this number decreasing significantly over the next several years.


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