TPP will give Peru access to markets such as Australia and New Zealand

The visit of Demetrios J. Marantis, the US Deputy Trade Representative, to Lima to hold talks about TPP with Peruvian government underscored Peru’s direct access to new markets in Asia and Oceania.  Despite having trade agreement with the United States, this will be a better settling for Peru with the TPP framework.

So according to Demetrios J. Marantis, the TPP will deal with new commercial questions such as trade and investment in innovative products and services which includes digital technologies. There was a great fear that governments would apply some measures but countries like the US and Peru have decided to liberalize their markets to improve economy and increase labor market. TPP hence becomes very important because it is a way of opening further the economy in order to have more growth in the region particularly for small and medium-sized businesses. (

Peru can take the most benefits out of the Free Transfer Agreement (FTA) in the non-traditional sectors like agricultural exports.  One of the reference points of the TPP is regarding the requirements of the food security so this will be important for Peruvian agricultural exports to not only the US but also to other economies

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