Worry all around the TPP!

Paola Casale in the article “http://economyincrisis.org/content/another-huge-trans-pacific-partnership-tpp-problem-arises” brings out why all the countries involved in the agreement have some issues they want to ponder.

The article stresses  that Canada doesn’t want to open its agriculture market, Japan wants to protect its rice, Peru is afraid of the rain forest management issue, labor rights in Mexico is making every country uncomfortable, Australia and New Zealand are worried of the intellectual property issues, and the USA is worried about the auto industry while also pondering on whether to include the tobacco industry in the talks too. These are only some of the issues.


With so many supply chains to be impacted and an ever growing cloud of doubts, will the TPP come into effect soon? How long will the companies from these countries have to wait to finally hear something positive about the agreement?

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