Smart Manufacturing: Potential Vs. Challenges

Smart manufacturing is being called the “New Industrial Revolution” by the Wall Street Journal and the benefits manufacturers who are implementing this new technology will put them way ahead of their competition, according to an article in The Huffington Post (may 20, 2015) entitled “Smart Manufacturing: A Path to Profitable Growth.” ( Large companies like IBM, who announced they will spend $3 billion in the next four years on this initiative, are driving the growth in this industry. While the investments made by big names like IBM are there, 87% of U.S. manufacturers have reported not using this technology. The challenges that these companies face range from high capital costs to human resource deficiencies. What types of benefits will companies see in the long run by investing in smart manufacturing technology? What do companies have to lose by not keeping ahead of the manufacturing curve? How may smart manufacturing affect current jobs in the workforce?

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