Managing Smart Manufacturing

In a description of the National Science Foundation sponsored center for Smart process Manufacturing ( the authors suggest that market disruptions such as a “$3000 automobile or a $300 personal computer” might be outcomes.  Plant integration, plant optimization and manufacturing knowledge are listed as the phases to get to this reality.  What are the barriers to such an evolution in manufacturing ? How much integration of people, process and technology needs to happen to transform existing manufacturing ? Will leadership for this transformation come from small, agile companies who, when successful, will be integrated into larger ones or can the large companies lead such a transformation ? Finally, how global will this phenomenon need to be to transform supply chains ?

2 thoughts on “Managing Smart Manufacturing

  1. I really enjoyed your article. It is very interesting to analyze the potential effects a $3,000 automobile could have on the economy, market, and industry.


  2. This would truly be an amazing thing. 3k automobiles?! The question is would it all be sustainable and clean? The best thing for the environment is not usually the least expensive? Progress and affordability are great as long as we don’t pay for it dearly down the road.


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